HALO REACH (Game Bang)-011:43

HALO REACH (Game Bang)-0

Halo Reach is the first Game Bang in the Game Bang series. It was posted on Youtube on September 28th 2012. In this episode they are Gamebanging Halo: Reach. 

The ObjectiveEdit

The Objective in the match was to win in a best 2 out of 3 matches in Oddball mode. The losers would get teabaged in real life

The TeamsEdit

Team Condor composed of Jovenshire, Ian, and Lasercorn while Team Super Condor composed of Anthony, Sohinki, and Mari.

The ResultsEdit

Round 1: Team Condor:100, Team Super Condor: 73

Round 2: Team Condor: 100, Team Super Condoor: 92

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Halo Reach

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